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BMW Motorcycle Dash Parts

There are many parts of a motorcycle dashboard. That's especially true of the one on your BMW bike. Central to one, of course, is its instrument panel, made up of displays, gauges, and other readouts galore.

Not the least among them are the speedometer and odometer/trip meter, which show velocity and distance traveled, plus the ignition lamp, which illuminates initially, when you start up. Your ride should also have a neutral lamp (to show the eponymous gear has been selected) and a rev counter or tachometer, which indicates engine speed in rpm (revolutions per minute). You may also have an indicator repeater to inform you that your signals are in use.

These aren't all in the way of motorcycle dash parts either. You almost certainly have a high-beam lamp to tell you when your headlight is using said setting, plus a light to tell you when your oil pressure is low. Let's not forget the ignition switch, either (almost all of which, these days, have a locked position to help prevent theft) -- nor the temperature gauge (if your bike's got a liquid-cooled engine); the latter displays coolant temperature and warns of overheats.

But most important to any motorbike dash, and indeed, mounting any instrumentation for one, is its installation hardware -- supports, trim panels, and covers, to name just a few. Without them, dashboard replacement would be impossible. If you're looking to buy any, you're in luck: we carry a wide selection here at BMW Motorrad, and you can order them all online.

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You needn't worry about finding the right fit, either. All you have to do is browse by your model and model year. Buy now, and you'll enjoy two benefits of shopping with us: fast shipping and delivery directly to your door.

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Dashboard Support With Hole
Part Number: 62212306284
Other Names: Dashboard Support With Ho More Names
Dashboard Support Without Hole
Part Number: 62212306195
Other Names: Dashboard Support Without More Names
Dashboard Support
Part Number: 46632303616
Description: For vehicles with windshield-comfort. More Info
Dashboard Support - Graphite
Part Number: 62117651174
Description: For vehicles with package avantgarde [X592A (+)]. More Info
Dashboard Support - Alpine White
Part Number: 46632315088
Description: Paint, alpinweiss 146/marrakeschrot 222. More Info
Dashboard Support - Avus Black
Part Number: 46632322723
Description: Paint, schwarz 086. More Info
Dashboard Support - White Aluminum 2
Part Number: 62117676479
Replaces: 62212306675, 62212351522
Dash Board Covering
Part Number: 46637712935
Description: For vehicles with saphir-schwarz metallic/alpin-weiss uni [wn59 (+)]. More Info
Dash Board Covering
Part Number: 46637686071
Description: For vehicles with light-white uni [ynb5 (+)]. More Info
Dash Board Covering
Part Number: 46637727720
Description: For vehicles with rauch-grau metallic matt [wm11 (+)] or light-grey metallic [wn38 (+)] or red-apple metallic [wn39 (+)] or... More Info

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