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BMW Motorcycle Control Arms

BMW Motorrad control arms work much like automotive control arms. They're responsible for connecting the bike's chassis to the wheel. As such, they're a critical component in your motorcycle's suspension system.

How Control Arms Work

This hinged suspension link attaches by means of a single pivot -- typically a rubber bushing. This allows the control arm to maintain the proper radial distance from the inboard mounting point, while adjusting the position of the outboard end to adapt to ever-changing road surfaces and conditions.

How to Spot a Faulty Control Arm

Eventually, though, rough rides and wear-and-tear can combine to weaken a control arm. When that happens, your enjoyment decreases in direct proportion to your discomfort. Signs of trouble include:

  • Your wheels vibrate or wobble
  • Your motorcycle pulls to one side
  • Excessive tire wear
  • Your ride quality begins to suffer
  • Buy Genuine BMW Motorrad Control Arms Online

    Should you need to replace a failing control arm, insist on the best for your motorcycle. BMW makes the only ones that are guaranteed to be completely compatible with your model, since they were designed to meet it's exact specifications. Shop our online parts and accessories catalog to find yours, in stock and ready to ship. Buy now and you'll have yours in no time at all!

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    Control Arm Bridge, Bottom
    Part Number: 32717680022
    Other Names: Control Arm Bridge, Botto More Names
    Control Arm Bridge, Black
    Part Number: 32717682814
    Description: For vehicles with indigo-blau uni met./alpin-weiss 3 [M968 (+)] or sonnengelb/weissalu3 matt/darkgraphit-M. [M969 (+)]. More Info
    Control Arm Bridge, Top - Silver
    Part Number: 31447704559
    Replaces: 32717680579

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