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BMW Motorcycle Drive Shafts

While most people tend to think of their motorcycle engine as the catalyst that propels the bike down the road, it's actually the drivetrain (or final drive) that's responsible for taking that engine power and putting it to work. In the two-wheeler world, there are three types of drivetrains: chain drive, belt drive, and shaft drive. When it comes to BMW Motorrad, most models feature a shaft drive -- and for good reason.

What Driveshafts Do

Like cars, motorcycles feature a final drive on the output shaft of the transmission that sends power to the rear wheel. A driveshaft requires less maintenance than chain drives or belt drives need, and offers significantly greater longevity. Those are two reasons BMW has chosen to employ shaft drives on most models -- and has been doing so since 1923.

The driveshaft connects to the engine by gearing joints that turn the power at a 90-degree angle from the shaft to the rear wheel. The result is a smoother ride, in addition to a longer-lasting final drive. Plus, shaft drives are cleaner than chain drives, since you needn't worry about excess lubricant and grease spilling into other parts, your tires, or the road surface.

How to Spot a Faulty Driveshaft

While shaft drives are the most durable option, they can eventually go bad. Signs of trouble include:

  • Loud or unusual noises
  • Your bike shudders when you accelerate
  • Even the smoothest road surface feels rough under your tires
  • Buy Genuine BMW Motorrad Driveshafts Online for Guaranteed Compatibility

    When you need to replace a failing shaft drive, there's no substitute for the ones made by your manufacturer. That's because they were designed to meet your model's precise specifications, allowing for the smoothest installation possible. Enter your model and year to find yours in our online parts and accessories catalog. Once you complete your order, we'll get it shipped right out!

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    Drive Shaft
    Part Number: 26112332996
    Drive Shaft
    Part Number: 26117655802
    Drive Shaft
    Part Number: 26117663759
    Replaces: 26112332995
    Drive Shaft
    Part Number: 26117675684
    Drive Shaft With Reluctor Ring
    Part Number: 33177671718
    Other Names: Drive Shaft With Reluctor More Names
    Drive Shaft
    Part Number: 23217651172
    Description: Part is no longer available. No alternative component available. More Info
    Drive Shaft
    Part Number: 26112325746
    Drive Shaft
    Part Number: 26117724709
    Drive Shaft
    Part Number: 26118833054
    Drive Shaft
    Part Number: 33177722002
    Replaces: 33177678643, 33177699961
    Drive Shaft
    Part Number: 23008413984
    Drive Shaft
    Part Number: 23009446515
    Other Names: Superseded More Names
    Replaces: 23007922089, 23008543997, 23008561368
    Description: Attention! Production version must be checked at vehicle. Variant "B" shows production version used as of 04.04. 2016 . No repair... More Info
    Notes: Production version "B". More Notes
    Drive Shaft
    Part Number: 23211230455
    Description: 4-Gear transmission. More Info
    Drive Shaft
    Part Number: 23211457061
    Replaces: 23211451035, 23211457060
    Drive Shaft
    Part Number: 26112325747
    Drive Shaft
    Part Number: 26112332997
    Drive Shaft
    Part Number: 26112332998
    Drive Shaft
    Part Number: 33739898679
    Replaces: 26117706394
    Drive Shaft - 1:7
    Part Number: 26111235972
    Description: Fg* R50/5 2 906 305/R60/5 2 947 967/R75/5 2 997 987. More Info
    Drive Shaft - Z 16
    Part Number: 26111241630
    Description: Fg* K100 0 009 326/K100RS 0 088 457/K100RT 0 091 805 fg* K100 usa 0 031 519/K100RS usa 0 043 235 fg* K100RT usa 0 053 958. More Info
    Drive Shaft - M 97
    Part Number: 23202325477
    Description: Part is not longer available no alternative component available. More Info
    Drive Shaft
    Part Number: 23009457822
    Other Names: Superseded More Names
    Replaces: 23008563018, 23217709853
    Description: Only applies to transmission code letters P+R+S. More Info
    Drive Shaft
    Part Number: 23217683422
    Description: Only applies to transmission code letters L + N. More Info
    Drive Shaft
    Part Number: 23217693778
    Description: Only applies to transmission code letters L + N. More Info
    Drive Shaft
    Part Number: 26117671303
    Drive Shaft
    Part Number: 26117675223
    Drive Shaft
    Part Number: 26117712199
    Drive Shaft
    Part Number: 26117721422
    Drive Shaft
    Part Number: 33731598825
    Other Names: Superseded More Names
    Replaces: 26117665803
    Drive Shaft Kick Starter - 17.5Deg/D=37
    Part Number: 23212302332
    Replaces: 23212301779
    Drive Shaft - 17.5°Deg/D=37
    Part Number: 23212302331
    Replaces: 23211242030, 23212301777
    Description: For vehicles with switzerland version. More Info
    Repair Kit F Final Drive Shaft Bearing - 25(20)X52X15
    Part Number: 23002325604
    Other Names: Repair Kit F Final Drive More Names

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