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BMW Motorcycle Oil Pan Gaskets

The oil pan gasket on your BMW Motorrad motorcycle may be small, but it has a mighty role to play. It's responsible for sealing the oil pan, ensuring that the motor oil remains in the pan until it's needed to cool and lubricate the engine.

What An Oil Pan Gasket Does

The oil pan gasket cushions contact between metal parts and seals any possible gaps. That makes it like any other type of gasket you'll find on your motorcycle. By doing its job, the oil pan gaskets prevents oil from seeping out of the pans and onto other parts. That keeps your bike's components clean, and -- more importantly -- it ensures that your engine runs at optimal performance.

Oil pan gaskets are typically made of either of two materials. A rubber gasket works best with a steel pressed oil pan, while silicone pairs perfectly with an aluminum oil pan.

How to Spot a Faulty Oil Pan Gasket

Even the best oil pan gaskets can wear out and lead to significant oil leaks. Signs of trouble include:

  • Low oil levels
  • Oil stains marking the spot where you park your motorcycle
  • You smell burning oil
  • You notice smoking coming from your engine
  • A low oil pressure warning light comes on
  • Genuine OEM Oil Pan Gaskets Perform Best

    Your motorcycle's manufacturer makes the only oil pan gaskets that are guaranteed to be compatible with your bike, since they were designed specifically for your bike's oil pan. Search our catalog by model and model year to narrow down your options. Once you check out, we'll get your order shipped directly to your doorstep!

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